This is Why I Subscribe to Apple One

Justin Sloan
2 min readOct 7, 2021



There seems to be a lot of complaining about the iPhone 13 series. In particular, Apple is being acused of failing to innovate. The iPhone has not changed much since the iPhone 6, and iOS seems to lag behind on innovative features that have been in Android devices for years.

Sure, we have Apple processors and GPUs now, but they have been stuck in the same devices we are already used to. And maybe that is the trick. It’s not just about the devices. It’s about the ecosystem they run on.

Apple may be running short on innovation when it comes to devices, but it is running strong on innovation in services.

The value that Apple provides in services is unmatched in the industry, provided you are using Apple devices. You can’t access the value Apple provides if you are not in their ecosystem. In this way, Apple is carrying along the entire industry. Nobody else is innovating like Apple. They are just trying to copy what Apple does.

The $29 monthly asking price for a slew of premium services, all of which, by the way, can be shared with your entire family. It is simply incredible. Even if you do not take advantage of every product, it’s still incredible. For example, I have yet to take advantage of Apple Arcade, but I do not feel like I am paying for something I do not use.

Try to piece together your own similar package made up of other providers and you will pay at least double compared to Apple One.

Is Apple’s reach and power anti-competitive? Yes, at least within the Apple ecosystem. You can always choose not to use Apple devices and services, and there are plenty of other places to take your business.

For me, it’s simply about value and convenience. I enjoy Apple devices and I like what Apple provides in exchange for my money.



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