The Apple Newton is Back

Newton MessagePad 2000 — Source

What makes iPad mini 6 so great?

Let’s start with the size. At 8.3 inches, it is small enough to take with you everywhere you go, but big enough to never feel too small. It is the perfect combination of portability and usability. Like the original iPad, it feels like holding the internet in the palm of your hand. With 326 PPI, the screen is both sharp and roomy, making it great for reading ebooks and general browsing.

Interestingly, the Newton 2100 was 8.3 inches tall with a screen that was about 6.5 inches. This makes for a PPI of just 88.

Newton 2100 — Source:

What about on the desktop?

The desktop, however, is where iPadOS still falls short. Plugging in to an external monitor is great for giving presentations or watching videos, but anything else is limited to screen mirroring. This means you can generally only use up to two apps at a time and screen resolution is limited.


Despite the minor drawbacks, the iPad mini 6 is still the most productive personal computer I have ever owned. I have one device that can run all my critical apps across multiple form factors.



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